We are teaching children as young as 3 years old how to read in your neighborhood every day of the week!


Reading at a First grade level at age 6 and a half with 6 months of classes.
Emma’s experience with you was amazing!  Whenever I hear a mom talking about reading issues I send your contact info! Emma was 6 when we started. She wasn’t reading on her own and we started noticing her progress within the first month. Now she is 8 and reads chapter books!  I will contact you again during the summer! Alicia is turning 4 next week, and I think she's ready to start!  -Maria P.   UWS
Learning at 4, and Reading at a First Grade level at 5 and a half.

This is an amazing program. Hands down the best investment we have made to date.

After one lesson my daughter's entire attitude toward books changed from negative to positive. She is now reading and loving every minute of the lessons and begging me for books. She was reading after only a few weeks. My honest opinion is this is one awesome program.

-Valoree H.  Harlem



From Behind in First Grade, to Being Ahead within 6 months:
Whenever we meet a parent who needs help with their child's reading, we recommend Liz from Reading in Preschool.  Don't worry about the name, they handle non-preschoolers too. Our daughter's reading level was evaluated quite low at the beginning of 1st grade, and she was frustrated with her reading struggle, but by the end of the year with Liz's help she was a reading champ and has fallen back in love with books!

-Christine E.  UWS.

Beginner at 3.  First grade Reading Level at 4

Liz and Reading in Preschool was the best choice for my daughter.

My daughter was 3 and she loved to be read to.  Since it occupied a lot of her time as well, I wanted her to learn how to read faster.  Liz was very good with her lesson plans and the reading really just took off from there.  

Start them young and they will develop a love of reading and learning! 

-Annie M.  Gramercy

Started Reading at 3.  2nd Grade Reading Level by 5



My daughter LOVES reading now!.  She is so proud and happy - just 6 weeks later (she was working on letters already) SHE IS READING.

It is perfect - Liz comes to the house, natural, organic and no shlepping.  Liz can adjust the times to longer as the child needs/wants.

-S R.  UWS.


From B to J letter levels with Common Core within 4 months!

"Wow!  This business produces real results!

A friend used their services and saw their 4 year old jump to a second grade reading level within 6 months!  We had the same astounding results with our 6 and a half year old daughter who jumped 7 levels, from B to J with in less than 4 months.

After seeing such great results, my husband agreed to give our 3 year old reading lssons too!  What 3 year old needs reading lessons?    Any 3 year old who is eager to learn!!"  


-P. M. Battery Park

friend used their services and saw 4 year old jump to a second grade reading level within 6 months!


We had the same astounding results with our 6 and a half year old daughter who jumped 7 levels, from B to J with in less than 4 months.


After seeing such great results, my husband agreed to give our 3 year old reading lssons too!  What 3 year old needs reading lessons?    Any 3 year old who is eager to learn!!  


-P. M. Battery Park

From "I hate reading", to can't get enough! Second Grade Reading Level at 5:

"My girls have always attended great progressive schools that emphasize reading 'readiness' over actual reading. My older daughter who was four at the time, explained to me that she really wanted to learn to read.  I knew the school would not officially begin teaching reading until 1st grade, and I wanted to support her in her desire to learn.  

Liz came highly reccommended by a former colleague and classmate from Yale, who raved that Liz had taught her children to read and that they were several years beyond their classmates.


Liz has not disappointed; I've always been thrilled with the her work with my girls.  She challenges them in a gentle and nurturing way, and she makes house calls which is so convenient.   Even my youngest daughter who started with Liz at age 3, and who prior to the classes used to say that "reading is stupid", can now read at a 2nd grade level and hasn't yet started kindergarten!  


Both girls have seen Liz twice a week for about a year, and it has been a very positive experience.   Thanks Liz!"   -Jeff. W.  Harlem

Beginner Foreigner Caught up to her Kindergarten Level in 5 months.


"My 5 year-old-daughter has improved so much in her literacy skills. Since she's not an native english speaker, I was concerned about her school year in kindergarten. After just a few months with a Reading in Preschool tutor, she is up to par!  Thanks!!"

-Rachel R.  Battery Park

7 year old catches up to her level within 2 months of tutoring: 
Reading was always a struggle with my  7 yr old daughter. After a couple of months with two wonderful tutors (Alison & Claire) I have noticed the confidence building and reading has become a real pleasure. You have truly changed our everyday (homework) lives!!  Thank you Reading In Preschool! I would highly recommend their services! Liz is so accommodating and really knows how to match her teacher's with kids. Thank you Thank you Thank you!  
-Samantha R. Battery Park

Brother and sister reading at ages 4 a 5:

Liz has been nothing short of amazing with both of my children.  They both adore her.  We started when my son was 5 years old.  He had so much success so quickly we started our 3 year old daughter.  Our daughter who is now 4 is reading at a kindergarten level.  I would highly recommend Liz and her team to anyone who is interested in accelerating their children's reading abilities.

-Rose C. UES

5 year old boy learning and loving reading by the second class:

My son (in kindergarten) was having some trouble with letter recognition and letter sounds at the beginning of Jan. We started working with Reading in Preschool once a week and after just 2 classes I began to notice significant change, not just only in what he was now able to do on his own and recognize -but in his confidence and attitude towards learning. Two and a half months later, he can't wait for his weekly session, he is excited to show his tutor the work he did during the week, he has started to write in a "diary" daily, sounding out words bigger then him and writing pages upon pages for hours. His tutor Dominique has found a way not just to relate to him but to connect and teach him in a way through creative play and games so he doesn't even realize he is doing "work". Each week she brings new tools and word play to engage him and he can't wait to see what's next. His teacher just reassessed him this past week and not only did he know every single letter /upper and lower combo but mastered all sounds 100% which he only knew about 1/8 of a couple of months ago. It has been incredible watching him grow and learn in such a short period of time.

-Cari G. Battery Park City

4 year old reads like a 2nd Grader within 10 months.

If there were more STARS to give Liz would have them all. She is amazing. We have been using Liz for about a year and a half. I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old. My 5 year old started reading this past spring (after 10 months at age 4 years and 10 months), and is now on chapter books. My 3 year old is beginning to read short words.  The best part about Reading in Pre school is that my children LOVE going to their lesson. It is not a chore for them to have a reading tutor. Having Liz has helped them to develop an even better relationship with books, reading, writing and studying overall. My children run to the door when Liz arrives, and they are eager for their lessons.  Her patience is bar none. She makes reading and writing fun for the children.  I would highly recommend Liz to anyone who is looking to teach their children to read or even just develop a love for learning. She is the best!

2 sisters reading a grade level ahead of their classmates, after a year of classes

I year later and both kids are a grade level ahead!! I recommend this program without reservation. Best return on investment I have ever received. Thank you Liz!

-Seanna Thompson, NYC

4 year old reading like a second grader after 8 months of classes/3 year old son starting with classes too!

Liz is amazing! Through reading games she provides the tools needed to succeed. In a few short months my child not only became an independent reader but an avid one and now reads two grade levels ahead. Liz makes learning  fun and inspires kids to reach their full potential.

You have helped my son who has Speech and OT issues soooo much!


"My son is in Kindergarten and we started using Reading in PreSchool in the beginning of the school year.  He has OT and speech issues so he is pulled out of class a lot and we thought this would be a great way to supplement what he gets in school and make up for the time he misses. 
When he started Kindergarten, not only could he not read but he seemed to have no interest.  Elizabeth (Liz) connected us with her tutor Emily who was a perfect match for our son and thanks to Reading in PreSchool, he has not only started to read but he loves it!  Emily plays games with my son, which he loves and which get him excited about words and reading.  

Each week, she gives him flash cards to study and now that he is starting to read, they also make up stories and during the week, he reads them in preparation for his next lesson.  They are usually silly which he loves and since he helps to write them, not only is that more exciting for him but he loves to read them to the rest of the family. Emily also works with him on writing letters and drawing pictures which helps him with his OT issues as well - amazing!  Moreover, each month they email the parents a detailed progress report which tells you what they've been working on, what the goals are for the next month, and areas of improvement. This information is useful for everyone but can be especially helpful for working parents who cannot be around during the lesson.  Reading in Preschool has been invaluable for my son." -Gillian M.


"Going into First Grade a whole grade ahead in the Fall!  Thank you!!!!!!!!"

From behind a grade in First, to ahead before Second!

"Beginning of 1st grade, we learned that our son is on the tail end of entire grade in reading readiness. With Liz's approach (we worked with both, liz and Katie) he went from level A to level J in 6 months. And we think he caught the reading bug along the way! Moving on to chapter books. Would highly recommend!"

-Alina A, West Village, NYC

My daughter loved this program!

"We have used Reading in Preschool for the past two years and could not be happier! My daughter's tutor was fun, creative and highly effective at teaching her all the basics of reading and writing. I couldn't recommend them more! Ask for Katie!"  A.  UES, NYC

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