We are a tutoring company teaching our very own method,            with a history of proven results teaching children ages 2.5                               through 8, based on readiness to learn. 










         Private, at-home classes are available for children ages 2.5 and older
                          who show an interest and desire in learning to read. 
                 Every child is assessed on their readiness and individual need.
                                                Unique, play- based program.
                                                    Private, in home classes.
             Teachers have their Masters in-Pre Primary and Primary Education. 
           Children who stick to consistent - twice per week classes, walk into                         their First Grade classrooms reading at a Second Grade reading levels. 
2019 Best of Manhattan HoF Crystal Award


"In the few months that our son has been working with Reading In PreSchool, his world has opened up as he has starting to string letters together into words and sentences. As a psychotherapist, I have spent much of my career working with children and I have been so impressed by Liz’s ability to emotionally connect with our son, capitalize on his strengths and actually (at the age of four) get him to start reading and to be excited about doing so. She is effectively able to use play and humor to appeal to his intellect and her lessons are tailored to his needs.


Liz has been able to cultivate a love of learning and reading in our child at an early age because she understands his abilities and is so encouraging and enthusiastic. This is something his teachers have been unable to do. I know that the lessons he is learning with Liz will continue to help him as he embarks on bigger challenges and we are so grateful."  


- Katherine H. - Child Psychologist in Brooklyn, NY

"After one lesson my daughter's entire attitude toward books changed from negative to positive, and she's now reading and loving every minute of the lessons and begging me for books.  My honest opinion is this is one awesome program."     

-Valoree H.  Harlem, NY


"Emma’s experience with you was amazing!  Emma was 6 when we started. She wasn’t reading on her own and we started noticing her progress within the first month. Now she is now 8 and reads chapter books! Alicia will be ready for lessons soon! - Maria P.  UWS, NYC


"Wow!  This business produces real results!

A friend used their services and saw their 4 year old jump to a second grade reading level within 6 months!

We had the same astounding results with our 6 and a half year old daughter who jumped 7 levels, from B to J with in less than 4 months."


-P. M. Battery Park, NYC

"Since my 5 year old is not a native English speaker, I was concerned about her school year in kindergarten.  After just a few months with a Reading in Preschool tutor she is up to par!  Thanks!!" -Rachel R.  Battery Park City

"Liz and Reading in Preschool was the best choice for my daughter. 

My daughter Emma was 3 and she loved to read. Liz was very good with her lesson plans and the reading really just took off from there. Start them young and they will develop a love of reading. "

-Annie M.  Gramercy, NYC, 2013


"Emma is now in First Grade and was tested and passed the third grade reading proficiency test!  All thanks to you!  We've moved, but please ship me your workbooks so I can start your program with Ella!"  Xoxo, Annie M - 2016


"Liz a phenomenal instructor. She developed a unique system that introduces reading to preschoolers. It is highly effective; my 3 year old was reading full sentences after just one summer! Our daughter is now in kindergarten and she loves reading so much that she even published her own book!"  - Laly, UES, 2019

         Reading Stimulates Imagination                 Nourishes Emotional Growth  
                   Builds Verbal Skills
         Influences Analyzing & Thinking


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