Looking for books that make it easy for parents to teach their own children how to read?

April 13, 2016

Hi parents!  


Due to many requests from stay at home parents who would like to teach their own children to read,  I'm proud to announce that come February of 2017, we will be able to offer you the first few sets of 35 Reading In Preschool booklets.  These are the first two levels that will take your beginner reader from learning the phonetic sounds of the alphabet, to reading 3 letter words with short vowels; CVC words.


How will these benefit your child?  These will be the first books to focus on individual word families. Other popular reading programs teach them all scrambled up.  The trick with young children, is to teach them rhyming word families.  Many 1st and 2nd grade children in NYC are behind in their reading skills.  Why? Primarily because children aren't being taught how to properly decode words, and secondly because they mostly teach sight words.  You need both, and you need them taught in a specific sequence for it to make sense.


You can use memorization for sight words, but then what do you do when you're expected to learn thousands of words that can only be read by knowing phonetic sounds?    This is a process.   Children need time to learn to read and they want to do it without feeling pressured for time.  

Your child's love for learning depends on how you support them through the learning process.



These colorful books will help your child be a confident reader, and you don't have to wait until they are in school to start.  You can use them as soon as your child shows an interest in sounds and reading.  Do you have questions about when a child is ready?  Email me. I would love to help. 





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