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" Our teachers all have their Masters in Education, have had background checks, and have been personally chosen by me.  I hire them based on their love for teaching, their educational backgrounds, experience with tutoring, patience, and their ability to produce fantastic results.  *The teachers on this page are just a few of the amazing teachers that we have on our team.


We are here to instill a love of learning, build confidence, and give your children the chance to be ahead of the game!  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to add value to your children's lives."

-Elizabeth Alexander

Special Ed, Reading, Writing, Singapore Math 
Claire has a Bachelors in Psychology and Special Education, and a Masters in behavior disorders from Hunter College. She has spent the past three years working as a teacher for children with special needs throughout the city, and ten years tutoring children ages 3-12 in reading and mathematics.  Claire is passionate about teaching, and believes all children have the ability to succeed differently, in different ways, and at different times. Her energy and patience motivates her students to want to learn, not give up, and to succeed. Claire can help you with reading, writing, and Singapore math.


Gifted and Special Education students


Emily has been working with children both in educational and clinical settings. She graduated from NYU with a Bachelor's in Clinical Child Psychology and Education and then went on to earn her dual Master's degree in general and special education. She has been working with young children ever since! Emily specializes in working with children with diverse needs, from special education students to gifted students. She is passionate about instilling a love of learning in every child she works with, because she believes that learning should always be fun!

General and Special Ed. Reading and Math. 


Ellen has been working as a Special Education teacher in Brooklyn for 7 years with students in grades 5-8, and has 6 years of experience teaching the Reading in PreSchool method to children ages 3-8.  She graduated with dual certification in General and Special Education in 2012 from SUNY Brockport and has a Masters from Brooklyn College in Education, with concentration in Math. 


"I have always enjoyed working with children of all ages and helping them grow to their fullest potential. I believe that every child has the capability to learn and make strides in education if taught in the way that best suits them!"  

-Ellen :) ​

Reading and Writing Pre First Grade

 1 out of every 4 children in the US do not learn to read.

Many children fall behind for two reasons:  1) The Sight Word based curriculum.  2) The late start to learning to read.  Parents are told not to teach their children reading in Kindergarten, only to be told they are behind in First Grade when children are starting to be taught in schools and can't keep up with the curriculum.


After years of successfully helping children ages 2.5-8 learn to read for the past 25 years, I developed The Alexander Reading Method and the Reading In PreSchool Tutoring service, now available to children worldwide. This play-based program,  allows children to be able to enjoy learning to read, well before First Grade. 

The joy and confidence a child feels from being able to read at a young age is immeasurable!


I train teachers in the program. The teachers chosen have a love for teaching, show results, and are amazing with little children. We teach both phonics and sight words taught through Third Grade,  in a unique completely way that shows long lasting results, AND more importantly, creates a love of learning!


I create educational materials, books and games that are used to teach the method.  (Some of these are already available on our website for parents who might want to teach their own children.) 

I'm also available for 2-3 months at a time for 3-5 hours per day for families who want their children to have daily classes and jump levels quickly in the program.


Families who cannot afford the service will also be able benefit from using our app which is projected to be available in 2021.


We love seeing your children gain confidence while learning to read with us!

Reading, Writing, Math & Singapore Math

Melissa Coan, M.Ed., is a certified K-6 Multiple Subject Teacher with her Masters in Education from USC.  Melissa's experience includes Educational Therapy for K-12th graders with a focus on Executive Functioning, Director of an Early Childhood Montessori school, and Head Teacher of a Reggio Emilia classroom.

Melissa has dedicated her life to education and feels passionate to equip children with a life-long love of learning.  Available for reading, writing, Singapore math and even G&T prep!

Special Education, Reading, Writing and Math!

Catherine graduated from SUNY Oswego with a Bachelor's in Sociology and a Masters in Education from Mount Saint Mary College.  She is dual certified in General Education and Special Education, Grades 1-6.  Catherine excels in working with students with diverse needs and abilities. She enjoys working with students of all ages and wants to help all children succeed and believe in their own learning potential. Catherine enjoys bringing different games and techniques to each session and differentiating each session to meet the need of each child, individually. Her goal is to help each child succeed and become both confident and independent readers. 

Literacy, Math & Science

Claudia has a Bachelors in Literature and a Masters of Science in Early Childhood Education from The City College of New York.  With years of experience working with young students, ranging from teaching yoga and meditation to teaching literacy, math and science, Claudia has always had a passion, and the genuine patience needed to work with young learners. Claudia is passionate about giving students the tools, rather than the answers, to support them in their learning, as well as foster a love of learning in her students at an early age. Claudia understands that every student is unique and, therefore, it is extremely important for her to get to know the learner- inclusive of their interests and values- so that she is able to meet each child at their level.

Reading, Writing, Math and Spanish

Samantha is a bilingual, Certified Elementary / Early Childhood Educator with a Masters in Literacy Education.   She works with both general and special ed students, helping each child develop the academic and social emotional skills they need in order to succeed. Samantha is a kind, patient, and organized teacher who loves teaching through play.  Our students LOVE her! 

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