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Is Your Child in Preschool Reading? If Not, This Program Can Help

Can your three- or four-year-old read independently? Do you want him or her to? If so, the Reading in Preschool Method may be a great fit for your family.
This innovative preschool reading program uses a proprietary play-based method to teach young children aged 2.5-8 years old how to read, and the results have been proven in hundreds of children over more than 20 years. While each child is assessed for readiness on an individual basis, the only requirements are that the child shows an interest in learning.
There are two ways that the Reading in Preschool program can work for you. First, private sessions are held in the comfort and convenience of your home in the New York City metro area. In the second, parents can purchase the program booklets and teach their children to read on their own, following our easy-to-follow method. These materials are the exact same ones our teachers use in teaching this best phonics program in their classrooms.
Children who stick with this program twice a week on a consistent basis often read one full grade level above their own. All of Reading in Preschool's teachers have their Master's degrees in Primary and Pre-Primary Education and have hands-on experience with teaching preschool reading.
There is strong evidence that enrolling children in a reading course like Reading in Preschool that uses the best phonics program well before it is taught in school can improve children's confidence and self-esteem. The play-based curriculum doesn't feel like work to the child, so their interest in it remains fresh. In addition, reading is often not an academic focus in classrooms in the U.S. until the first grade, and this program can have children reading well above that level the day they start school.
Contact us to see if the Reading in Preschool program is right for your little reader.

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