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To Help Children Enter Kindergarten Reading, Consider Reading in Preschool

For parents who want their young child to enter kindergarten reading proficiently, reading together nightly — while certainly enjoyable and important in its own right — may not be quite enough. Those same parents may wonder if there is anything else they can do to help their child get further along, something along the lines of kindergarten test prep.
Enter Reading in Preschool. This revolutionary program is the solution for helping children as young as 2.5 learn to read, well before they enter school. The program uses a proven method in a setting that works similarly to private tutoring. A tremendous indicator of a child's ability to begin kindergarten reading well is his or her eagerness to do so. Reading in Preschool uses educational games in a fun, play-based environment that doesn't feel like school or work at all, therefore encouraging that child's curiosity and enthusiasm about reading.
The program isn't solely designed for preschoolers whose parents want them to have a head start. Reading in Preschool is also an excellent option for older children who have fallen behind or need some additional help with reading. Just like a traditional tutoring situation in any other subject, sometimes the student just needs a bit of extra focus.
All of the teachers at Reading in Preschool have their Masters degrees in Education and use the exact same method, which has been used and proven over the span of more than 20 years. The innovative method is based on a combination of sight words, phonics, all taught in unique ways using all the words taught in schools through the third grade. Along with a proprietary and unique play-based format, all in private one-on-one tutoring sessions.
Reading in Preschool also offers help with math, Spanish, piano, and kindergarten test prep. Contact us today to see if the program is the right fit for your family.

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