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Reading in Preschool Provides Valuable Early Educational Services

For young children with an eagerness to learn to read before they even begin school, one of the best early reading tools is a program in which the child is worked with one-on-one. Reading in Preschool does exactly that, using a unique play-based teaching method in a private tutoring-style setting and focusing primarily on children ages 2.5-7. The program does also provide additional early educational services, helping older children who are struggling or falling behind with reading.
All of Reading in Preschool's teachers have their Masters degrees in Pre-Primary and/or Primary Education and teach using the same methodology and programs. The program is broken down into four levels, each with 30-35 workbooks that focus on one small section or theme. These booklets are what the teachers teach directly from, and they are also available to parents who wish to teach their children to read on their own. Phonics, sight words, and common words taught in schools through the third grade are all used in the workbooks, in combination with educational games and humor.
Over more than 20 years, this innovative method has proven to work particularly well in the early age gap in children, where they are not yet being taught to read, even in school. In fact, even among highly sought-after private schools, reading is not a focus in mainstream schools until the first grade, and often not a core part of academics until third grade. The early reading tools provided and used by Reading in Preschool seek to change that and have children entering school reading well.
In addition to teaching reading, some of the other early educational services Reading in Preschool offers are tutoring in writing, math, Spanish, piano, and assistance with kindergarten test prep to ensure elementary school readiness.

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