November 26, 2019

 After requests from those who purchased our Level 1 readers, I decided it would be fun to release our Level 2 books so parents who don't live in NYC, can continue to benefit from using our Method to teach their children to read.  

For older children struggling wit...

After years of parents asking me for... 

a) a more affordable way to help their children learn to read


b) easy to follow teaching books to teach their own children...

I am now happy to be about to offer you the first level of our program, of 33 books and flashcards...


When your child is in kindergarten or preschool, they're not being taught to read. Yes, they'll sing the ABC songs, learn letters and hopefully learn their letter sounds, but besides that a handful of sight words, this is not the age that...

Tutoring: the Earlier the Better

By Elizabeth Alexander, in response to “Tutoring Surges With Fight for Middle School Spots” April 15 New York Times.

Parents, teachers and school administrators of the New York City school system; I want us all to think back to a lesson i...

With so many requests from families in New Jersey, Westchester, and the surrounding areas, I am now happy to announce that we have an option that works for families outside Manhattan!


Come into the city once a month with your child.  I will meet with you for an hour an...

January 13, 2016

For families who are on our waiting list, but would like to get a head start, here are some tips for teaching the early ABC sounds; the first step to reading.

1) Get a blank set of flash cards that your child can look back to for practice.

In big red letters, write out 3...

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This is the answer for little boys who don't want to read:

August 11, 2015

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January 13, 2016

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