Best New York City Tutors

The Best New York City Tutors for Early Readers

Fact: Approximately 85% of the human brain is fully formed by age three.
Fact: The traditional educational system in the United States doesn't require children to enter school until kindergarten, when they are typically age five.
This system is failing our country's early readers and math wizzes, creating what is referred to as the early learning gap. Reading in Preschool, a group of the best New York City tutors, is actively working to help families change that. The group works with children as young as 2.5 years old who have an interest in learning to read. The unique, play-based program has been used for more than 20 years and has been wildly successful.
Reading in Preschool helps early readers by making learning fun. Teaching sight words and phonics in a unique way through the third grade using humor and play takes the pressure off the student and fosters a genuine curiosity and love of reading. All of the program's teachers teach from the same materials and have their Masters degrees in Primary Education. Sessions take place in a private tutor-style setting in the comfort and familiarity of the child's home.
For families living outside of Manhattan who want their children to have access to the best New York City tutors, Reading in Preschool has options. One option is, instead of the recommended twice-weekly classes, families can go into the city once a month and meet their tutor for one hour. Parents will go home armed with all the necessary tools to teach their children on their own based on the child's current levels and the tools will be adjusted each month dependent on progress.
To see if Reading in Preschool is the right program for your family, no matter where you live, contact us today.

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