Best First Grade Reading Teachers

The Best First Grade Reading Teachers Are Not Who You Think

In the past 15 years or so, there has been a distinct shift in the United States' primary education system. Academics have increasingly replaced life skills, physical education, socialization, and dramatic play courses, even as early on as kindergarten. This has caused many students, particularly those who have birthdays late in the year and are younger than their peers, to fall behind quickly once they enter school and be stuck in a cycle of never being able to catch up.
For families in the New York City area, Reading in Preschool provides an innovative solution. This group of NYC private reading teachers uses a proven proprietary method to teach children as young as 2.5 how to read. This is especially unique because, even in the heavily academic-based 'new kindergarten,' most elementary schools do not place an emphasis on reading until the first grade — at least. Even with the best first grade reading teachers in the state, Reading in Preschool is a better option for many families because it is teaching children how to read well before they enter school.
The Reading in Preschool program is simple at its core: it teaches phonics, sight words, and words frequently that are taught in unique ways through third grade. However, where the program garners so much success is that these NYC private reading teachers are using humor and games in a play-based format and the sessions take place one-on-one, in the privacy of the student's home. The children excel in reading because it does not feel like schoolwork or even learning to them at all.
All of Reading in Preschool's instructors hold their Masters degrees in Primary Education and have a genuine passion for teaching children, along with extensive experience teaching the 20-year-old proven methodology, making them the best first grade reading teachers in New York.

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