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Reading In Preschool is a private tutoring company, offering an unique reading method and program, for children who are eager to learn to read before being taught in school.


This is one on one - at home tutoring, with teachers who have their Masters in Education who have been trained in the Reading in PreSchool method.


We have had 20 years of successful results teaching children ages 2.5 through 7 how to read.

This method teaches all words taught through Third Grade, using both phonics and sight words, taught in a unique way.


This method fills in the early age gap, where children are not being taught to read well; even in prestigious private schools.

All children who finish the entire program, and start a year or two before school, go into First Grade reading a grade level  or two ahead.

Many parents sign up again with us when they have a second child who is old enough to start.


Our mission is to help every child who comes our way, become a confident reader, and discover a real love of learning, through play. 

Expose your children to learning through play, and they  will show if they're ready or not.


-Elizabeth Alexander


-Our students are children ages 2.5  through 7 who are eager to learn to read.


-Our students are children with parents who want them to be confident and have a head start.


-Our students are children ages 7 and up who are behind in school and need the extra focus. 


-Our students are children who have processing delays, and need specialized focus.

PLAY is so important

We believe that using age appropriate educational games geared to helping children learn to focus, read and write, is the key to children wanting to learn how to read and write at a young age.

We designed the Reading In PreSchool Method and teaching materials with this in mind.

In general we have seen that children as young 3 and a half to 4 and a half, is when children are REALLY excited to start learning to read with our method.  

Two-and-a-half-year-old's for the most part are not developmentally ready, nor do most of them have the attention span to start learning to read.  


However, if you have that 1 in a million child who is clearly begging for books, already has an extensive vocabulary, is clearly eager to learn, and retains information easily, we are happy to offer an assessment to see if he/she is ready.

The Reading In Preschool Workbooks

We created 4 specific Levels to help a child reach this advanced reading level.  


Each level has 30-35 booklets that focus on one section of the program.


Our teachers use them in their classes.  


We also made them available for purchase for parents who want to teach their own children to read, with a very easy to follow, successful method.  


Click on the link for the books in the SHOP page above, to learn how they are unique, and how they can help you help your child to read in a fun way and easy way.

Wondering if you should start early with your children?  The number one complaint we hear about when we meet a new family, is that their child is behind in First Grade, and has anxiety about reading in front of other children in school.  


Why?  Because in both private and public schools, reading is not focused on until First Grade.  

Ask yourself if teaching your children to read a year or two before entering First Grade, learning at their own pace, with a play-based program, without being compared to by their classmates, will improve your child's self esteem and confidence.

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